To create an enabling environment for the teens of Nairobi to love and serve Christ.


The teens of our church transformed by Christ to impact the teens of Nairobi for Christ.

Teens who love God and appreciate church…

At CITAM Parklands we place a high value on Teens Ministry. We have created a dynamic ministry that caters for the young people in between the age of 13 to 19 years. Our goal is to provide an enabling environment for the teens to love God, appreciate church, grow spiritually, find social support and simply enjoy themselves.

Our ministry seeks to be relevant to the teens by meeting their social-spiritual needs at their level. We also seek to create a ministry where the teens are actually involved in serving the Lord and others.

At the teens church you will find:

  • Fellowship: a time to interact with other teens and leaders in a mutually beneficial spiritual and social encounter.
  • Fun: ensuring that our time together is not boring but full of excitement and joy.
  • Food: we always find time to eat together.
  • Fashion: we believe in being relevant to the changing  times.
  • Friendship: we create an environment where everybody can  find a friend and belong.
  • Faith: we are committed to helping our teens to build and practice strong faith in Christ.

Structure of Teens Ministry

  • Teens Church meets every Sunday from 11:15am in the old sanctuary for fellowship. This service is run by the youth pastor. We have a group of adult youth workers available to counsel and encourage the teens.
  • Ex-candidates Fellowship: This is a fellowship of young people who have finished high school and are waiting  to go to college. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 p.m. is a time to encourage each other as they wait and prepare to go for further studies and prepare for career
  • Teen’s Holiday Bible Club: During every school holiday, the teens meet on Wednesday and Fridays 2:00pm for Bible study, fellowship and fun


  • Picnics
  • Sports days
  • Camps
  • Holiday retreat
  • Bible studies