To mobilize the entire church into outreach and missions in our neighbourhood and every sphere of life.


Parklands and beyond with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

  1. To develop strong leadership for outreach and missions at the assembly level.
  2. To train and equip the congregation with skills for reaching out and evangelism.
  3. To organize and coordinate outreach activities within and outside the assembly.
  4. To mobilize participation of assembly members in missions especially with an emphasis on Asian outreach during the mission’s month.
  1. Outreach to community and institutions
  2. Evangelism training – equipping members for effective one on one witnessing
  3. Supporting and participating in missions.
  4. Organizing estate Sanghats
  5. Asian Business forums
  6. Asian Breakthrough prayer Meetings
  7. Asian Christmas Dinner
  8. Asian Outreach Training