“Do not neglect the meeting together of brethren as some of you are in the habit.” –  Hebrews 10:25


What’s Safari Group

Safari Group is a weekly neighbourhood fellowship gathering that aims at empowering each believer with the word of God and fellowship. John 7.37

All Christian believers are encouraged to join a Bible study (Safari) group.

Our Asian members are encouraged to create Life Transformation Groups – nano groups of two or three believers – for deeper Bible study, intercession and accountability.  Click here to learn more about LTGs.

As the Chinese saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go with others”. Because the journey of faith can be challenging, believers are therefore encouraged and expected to walk and grow together through:

  1. Bible study
  2. Fellowship
  3. Outreach
  4. Care for one another, etc.

As the church grows bigger in numbers; it needs to grow smaller through small groups for maximum learning, growth, and care.

Vision: A healthy and vibrant group that deepens its roots in Christ and widens its boundary in community: Connecting, equipping, transforming and multiplying. The Safari Group is the discipleship cog for the whole family, the apex of the journey. It replaces small group, Neighbourhood Bible study group and growing together groups.

It is an intentional gathering of a given number (2- 14) of CITAM members who meet regularly within a neighbourhood to spur one another to become Spirit filled-Christ like disciples. It provides a none threatening climate that is conducive to an honest exchange of ideas where participants can wrestle with life transformational issues. The driving force is the concept that life change happens in the context of community, “we can never realize the likeness of Christ by ourselves alone.” – Julie Gorman. The Safari group is a one stop shop: there is provision for children, youth, couples, single and teenagers to connect as they engage their pertinent growth issues alongside the wider group growth strategies.

Would you like to join a SAFARI GROUP?


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