Submit a request to receive counseling, a pastoral visit or for professional mediation.  We have professional counselors on our team. In addition, our pastors are Certified Professional Mediators. We can mediate between spouses, neighbours or any other disputants.

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Do you need a fair introduction to God’s salvation in Christ so that you can be sure of what you believed?

Find answers to your questions and discover a plan to grow in Christ. Or, to seek specific help, write to one of our pastors.

Safari group is a small group of church members who gather in one of their homes to study the Bible and pray. You may also be interested in knowing about our Life Transformation Groups for a more intensive and deliberate approach to spiritual growth and multiplication.

The Holy Bible is the sacred Scriptures of Christians worldwide and they regard it as their standard of belief and actions. It is a library of sixty-six books.  Feel free to read or listen to the Holy Bible (text, audio, streaming audio). in in English, Kiswahili, French, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Hindi and Tamil.  Continuous streaming audio (without an option to choose the passage) is available in English, Kiswahili, French, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Hindi , Tamil, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam and Japanese.

Access our sermons archive to our featured sermons preached during our Sunday services and other special meetings.

Discover how many prominent men and women from various religious backgrounds discovered Jesus Christ – the Way, the Truth and the Life. Sangeetha Jain, Dr Nabil Qureshi, Al Fazi, Pastor Mohammed, Fathima (Singapore & Iran), Padina (Iran), Dr Ravi Zacharias, Dr Rajkumar Ramachandran, Vani Marshall, Sharma Velamuri, Comedian Johny Lever (Bollywood), Actor Nagma, Benny Prasad, Mohammed (Nigeria), Khalil (Egypt), Dini (Indonesia) and Ali (Turkey) are a small part of the millions of witnesses out there. Be encouraged by these video clips and written testimonies.

Access our online library:  Bible studies, articles, eBooks, testimonies, gospel tracts and other resources that prepare you for evangelism, for spiritual growth, and intercession (prayer)

Access detailed information about each Asian country and pray meaningfully for the progress of the gospel.

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