The founding of CITAM Parklands may be understood in the context of numerous attempts by various churches and mission organizations to reach out to the Asian community in Kenya. These efforts date as far back as the early 60s by the African Inland Mission (AIM) and Parklands Baptist Church, and the 90s by the Bible Fellowship ChurchInternational Christian Center (ICC)Solid Rock FellowshipNew City Fellowship, and South Asian Outreach (AIC).

As part of that effort, the Nairobi Pentecostal Church (NPC), under the leadership of Senior Pastor  Rev. Dennis White, began in the early 90s to explore the possibility of reaching out to various people groups within its environs.  The idea was to establish an assembly/mission station in the Parklands area to bless the Hindi, Gujarati and Punjabi speaking people group residing in that area. The plans gained momentum during the “Finish the Task 2000” Conference held in Nairobi in April 1998. At the conference, CITAM adopted the Asian community as its Christian mission.  During the last quarter of 1998, the then Pastor Overseer Boniface Adoyo, officially announced the plans to establish an Asian ministry and invited all members interested in cross-cultural ministry to join a team tasked to spearhead the new ministry. By then, Mrs Valerie Moghul, a lady with a burning passion for Asian ministry, had been reaching out to the Asian parents whose children attended Kinara Kindergarten, a school she owned.

A meeting to brief those who had expressed interest was convened on Wednesday, October 14th at NPC Valley Road. It was attended by five people from CITAM, namely Mr Isaac KibuthuMrs Valerie MoghulMiss Florence WangalwaMr Samuel Waithaka and Mr Samson Burgei. In attendance were representatives of a number of churches and para-church organizations involved in the Asian ministry. These were, Rev & Mrs Emil, (CMS Missionaries) from ICC Church, Joe Mutuki from New City Fellowship Church, Sunnil Kapur from ASCKEN and Afri Chandra, a missionary from the UK.  A team of seven was commissioned by the Pastor Overseer to form the initial Leadership Team and commence Sunday services at CITAM Parklands.   These were Isaac Kibuthu as the Team leader, Emil ChandranMano ChandranFlorence WangalwaValerie MoghulSamuel Waithaka and Samson BurgeiIsaac Kibuthu and Emil Chandran accepted the responsibility of leading the nascent assembly as Pastors on a voluntary basis.  The first service was launched 18th October 1998 by the Pastor Overseer Boniface Adoyo at the Kinara Kindergarten grounds, which had been rented from Mrs Valerie Moghul on a sub-tenancy basis. This is the plot where the church now stands. The service was attended by 52 people, which included about 10 Asians and representation from church and Para-church organizations involved in Asian Outreach in Nairobi. Pastor Overseer Adoyo inaugurated the service while Pastors Emil Chandran and Sunil Kapur gave exhortations and testimonies. During the following Sunday (25thOctober, 1998), the service attracted only 18 people, five of whom were 5 Asians, including Regina & Abraham Raj.

The services were first conducted in a very humble 15ft by 20ft steel structure, with unpaved surface covered by a polythene paper and canvas on the sides and roof, respectively.  Later, when the polythene succumbed to the elements, mabatis were used to cover the roof. It was not until December 1998 that an old but larger tent was brought from NPC Woodley.  The humble facilities on a rented school compound and with part-time pastors, slowed the growth of the young assembly.  In addition, the assembly was a complete contrast to the overly decorated temples around Parklands. The plot of land where the church now stands was initially rented from Kinara Kindergarten.  Following successful negotiations with the plot owner, the 0.7-acre plot was purchased in 2002. The funds to purchase the property were raised through CITAM’s first-ever fundraising walk held in 2001.  In November 2003, a new Tent was purchased and erected at the Branch.  Along with it came paved floor, better-looking stage and an improved pulpit. With time, a more improved tent was erected.

Despite the humble beginnings, the ministry in Parklands has touched many hearts and introduced thousands in the neighbourhood to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In the early years of the church, the Asian ministry grew on the back of mid- week meetings held in the homes of Asian believers. The families of Bros. Raj Abraham, Benoy Verghese, Madan, Shanti Bhai, Patricia Seth, and many others opened their homes for mid-week fellowship meetings. These homes fellowships served to deepen the faith of Asian believers while introducing their friends and neighbours to the Lord Jesus Christ.  In addition, CITAM Parklands continues to host Sangats, an evangelistic/outreach dinner meeting intended to introduce the love of Jesus to the invited quests. This initiative has been used to reach over 5000 Asians in the last 18 years. Indeed, the seed of faith has been planted in all these souls.

In terms of leadership, CITAM Parklands was first led by a team under Pastor Isaac Kibuthu as the Team leader and Pastor in Charge, on a voluntary/ part-time basis from October 1998 to July 1999. In July 1999, Pastor Emil Chandran was appointed the Pastor in Charge of the Assembly, also on voluntary/ part-time basis. In mid-2001, upon completing his theological studies at NEGST, Pastor Kibuthu was appointed the first full-time Senior Pastor of CITAM ParklandsPastor Kibuthu served in that capacity until April 2006 when he was appointed Senior Pastor of CITAM KarenPastor Patrick Kuchio became the Senior Pastor in April 2006, serving until October 2010 when he was appointed the Director of Missions at CITAM headquarters. Pastor Robin Mulunda was then appointed the Senior Pastor of the Assembly. He led the church during the construction phase and eventual occupation of the new sanctuary in January 2014. In 2014, Pastor Mulunda was appointed Director of Christian Education at CITAM Headquarters.  Pastor Stanley Mungathia, then Deputy Senior Pastor, was appointed as the Senior Pastor.

CITAM Parklands was the first beneficiary of the CITAM wide “Moving the Ark” fundraising initiative mooted by Bishop David Oginde, whose objective is to put up permanent structures in all the assemblies currently worshipping in tents. CITAM Parklands broke ground in November 2011 upon obtaining the requisite approvals from the Nairobi City Council.  To enable the construction to proceed, CITAM Parklands temporarily relocated to Highridge Primary School.  The construction began in January 2012 and continued in earnest until completion in November 2013.  The new sanctuary was dedicated in January 2014.

The pastors who served in Parklands:

  1. Pastors Mathew Keli,
  2. Gideon Kiriga,
  3. Phidel Barasa,
  4. Becher Karanja,
  5. Elly Ochieng,
  6. Ken Thiongo,
  7. Rev Philip Eapen,
  8. Steve Makau.
  9. Pastor Bob Mbikalo

Interns are:

  1. Mike Wambua,
  2. Grace Waceke,
  3. Grace Ndege,
  4. Jehosephat Shichende (first intern Pastor),
  5. Stella Bor,
  6. Esther Kapsir,

Our current pastors:

  1. Rev Kwame Rubadiri,
  2. Rev James Munyiri,
  3. Pastor Timothy Gathii,
  4. PastorJanet Kariuki,
  5. Pastor Philista Okello and
  6. Pastor Sarah Okumu.
  • 14 October 1998  – Establishment of NPC Parklands leadership team
  • 18 October 1998 – launch of NPC Parklands Church
  • 2000 – Visit to India to minister and establish partnerships
  • March 2001 – Appointment of 1st Senior Pastor
  • October 2001 – Fundraising Walk
  • Mid 2002 – Purchase of NPC Parklands Plot
  • November 2011 – Relocation to Highridge primary school
  • January  2012 – breaking ground and beginning of construction
  • 26 January 2014 – dedication and opening of the new sanctuary
  • 22 April 2018 – the first (monthly) Hindi fellowship

Other pastors who had served in Parklands:

  1. Mathew Keli,
  2. Gideon Kiriga,
  3. Fidel Barasa,
  4. Becher Karanja,
  5. Elly Ochieng, K
  6. en Thiongo, and
  7. Steve Makau.


  1. Mike Wambua,
  2. Grace Waceke,
  3. Grace Ndege,
  4. Jehosephat Shichende (first intern Pastor),
  5. Stella Bor, and
  6. Esther Kapsir.